Coffee, Film, Code

I make websites,
videos and a whole lot of coffee

I'm Shawn, a young, passionate student and a follower of Christ! I love making coffee (usually lattes), making creative and inspiring videos, aesthethic websites and hacking (legally of course). I believe media has a very powerful impact on it's viewers hence my goal is to create meaningful and live-changing videos that engage viewers to take action.

My Services

I help clients market to the world and inspire minds of the people

Web Design

I create a range of different websites. From Ecommerce online stores to company agency landing pages

E-mail Marketing

Gone are the days of using G-suite. With my services, you can create and control unlimited number of emails, all from one account

Photography & Videography

I absolutely love making videos and taking photos, it's a hobby and passion I hold dear. I edit with After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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About Me

Stuff about myself

Shawn Hoo


If you ask my parents, they will tell you that I've always loved tearing apart electronics and putting them back together (most of the time). I was always so facinated with computers and how they worked. After getting into HTML, Javascript wasn't too far away and soon I started coding calculators, clocks and mini games.

I started making videos with Windows Movie Maker at 10. At age 15, I made my frist website. I bought the domain shawnhoo.com, and fumbled around with cPanel. I didn't know what I was doing but it worked out in the end. I even managed to install an SSL Certificate!

88% Complete
Python & Javascript 78%
78% Complete
94% Complete
Passion 110%
100% Complete


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